The Year of the Child Commemorative Limited Edition Print

by Enook Manomie of Cape Dorset

This print is accompanied by a certificate including the text below:

Enook Manomie, an Eskimo artist from Cape Dorset in northern Canada, comes from a long line of famous soapstone carvers. His work has been exhibited in major galleries and museums throughout Canada and many of his carvings are part of the permanent display at the Art Bank in Ottowa. Although best known for his carving, Enook also excels in expression through prints.

Mother and Child has come to be a pictorial representation of this year's very special theme. In the Eskimo lifestyle, the relationship of Mother and Child is highly respected and recognized as the very core of life. Through this design, Enook has communicated the complete fulfillment of the rights of this child. His intention to convey security, love and understanding is uniquely well received. In this print Enook has displayed a magnificent ability to amalgamate the traditional Inuit style with a tasteful modern flavor.

"When I come to know of some childrens' hunger and pain, I remember my own hunger from winter pasts. To my wife Suzanne I say, 'This is not good, let us help."

These words of Enook's led to the Manomies to becoming foster parents to a child in Asia, further demonstrating his love for children.